Moving to WordPress

Welcome to my new website, now powered by WordPress!

I’ve decided to move to WordPress for three reasons: One, it gave me an opportunity to clean up the HTML of my website content that was the result of mixing HTML editing and Visual editing. Two, by having this website in form of a blog, I’ll be able to keep you all updated with my latest activities. Finally, after recently purchasing a new smartphone, I appreciate the explicit support that WordPress provides for mobile browsing.


5 thoughts on “Moving to WordPress

  1. Now that you have made your move to wordpress, what did you do to redirect traffic from your old location to your new one, and what did you do to maintain google rank?
    Thank you.

    1. Good question. I had my website on Google Sites before, and I used to have a redirect from my domain ( to the Google Site. I changed that redirect to the new wordpress location.

      However, I did lose my Google Page rank… and I’m not sure how I could have avoided that.

  2. Could you please give a link with instructions for the redirect, or are you computer savvy enough that you figured out on your own how to do it? I just moved from blogspot to wordpress. I have a number of followers and I had built up a decent google ranking. I would hate to lose both.
    Thanks for replying.

  3. Thank you very much for the link. This is exactly what I needed. I appreciate your time spent responding to me and your help.

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