2010 – A year in travels

2010 has been a year on board of planes, ferries, buses, trains and cars for me. I even reached the threshold for Air Canada Elite status a few months ago.

New Year’s Eve is a nice opportunity to look back on a year of travels, as I’m sitting at the ferry terminal south of Vancouver waiting for my last trip of the year — the ferry back to Victoria.

In terms of travels, 2010 started for me in February with a trip to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympics. In March, I did a trip that combined a fun visit to Las Vegas, a talk at the University of California in Irvine, and a visit to my family in Germany. The next trip in April took me to IBM Toronto for the CAS University Days.

The highlight of the year was the trip to Cape Town, South Africa, via London in May for ICSE (see separate blog post here). Following ICSE, I spent a good three months at IBM in Ottawa, from late May until early September. During that time, I flew out to Vancouver for a weekend and did several weekend trips to Montreal. I also drove down to New York state for cross-border shopping, to Providence, Rhode Island, and the Boston area to visit friends, and to IBM Hawthorne to give a talk.

After returning to Canada’s west coast in September, I spent a week travelling around southern British Columbia with relatives from Germany and I attended SPLASH in Reno, CSER and CASCON in Toronto, and FSE in Santa Fe. The final trip of the year was a drive down to Seattle from Vancouver.

Here’s a Bing map as a summary: http://goo.gl/6c7th. I’m looking forward to another year of travels starting soon!